Friday, 21 November 2008


Today I have decided I am grateful for coffee. Whover thought up this drink was a God or Goddess. I realize that I look forward every morning to measuring out my coffee, filling the coffee filter, and brewing that pot. Now it has been made even better by the fact that the holidays are upon us and they have the hoiliday coffees out now. My favorite is the peppermint. It tastes like you have brewed the coffee with some delicious sweet candy canes. Yum! I have tried through the years since I have started to drink this amazing concoction to abstain from it. I have lasted a total of 35 days. Ad then I was right back to my morning cup. So I started to think about what was actually going on here. Was it the fact that I was addicted to the caffeine? Could I just not wake up every morning without it? No, I have decided it is more than that. The morning cup signifies to me the start of a new day. New being the important word here. A day that has never been before. Ever. A day to fill with good things or bad things at my choosing. A day to dweel on what is horrible about my life (nothing, except when I am feeling sorry for myself then everything is terrible) or a day to see everything that is wonderful. Even the seemingly small stuff. The really small stuff. Such as tiny coffee grinds that smell of sweet peppermint sticks. Life is so good.

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azmommaof6 said...

you took the words right out ofmy mouth!!